Entry Requirements into Korea
for dogs and cats into Korea from 1st December 2012

What will be required under new regulations?.

Dogs and cats under 90 days or from rabies free region
-Microchip complying with ISO standard 11784/11785.

Dogs and cats older than 90 days
- Microchip complying with ISO standard 11784/11785
- Rabies vaccination
- Rabies antibody test carried out on blood sample collected
  not less than 30days and not more than 24 months
  before export with at least 0.5IU/ML

Required document :
  Health certificate issued by export authorities including
  microchip no, Rabies antibody test result, date serum collected
  *If requirements are not fully met, pets will be returned or quarantined

Rabies free region
  Japan, Taiwan, Cyprus, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal,
  Iceland, Guam, Hawaii, Samoa, Cayman Islands, French Polynesia,
  Martinique, Department of Reunion, Wallis and Futuna, Albania,
  Dominica Republic, Macedonia, Lichtenstein, Malaysia,
  Switzerland, Ireland, Fiji, Singapore, Jamaica, United Kingdom